The Best Shopping in Mineral Wells.

It is exciting times for Mineral Wells!

Back in the 1920’s Mineral Wells was the place to be. Many visitors were attracted for the water. “Home of Crazy” We are seeing a lively downtown again, one that has not existed in quite some time in Mineral Wells. From live music and shopping to mineral baths and spa treatments… and don’t forget the great State Parks! With so many new additions to downtown today we are going to focus on SHOPPING. Let’s count down our top 5.

5. Merrimac and North 

We just adore their refurbished furniture!

From clothing to shabby chic furniture that has been given new life (much like Mineral Wells), and you have to stop by the bakery counter for a treat! There is even a salon in back if you are feeling like you need a new look! A girl’s dream: salon, sweets and shopping. Sounds like the perfect day!

4. Garrett’s Jewelry and Pawn 

This is where you send the men!

The downstairs is just tools, no seriously totes and totes of tools. Don’t worry ladies – three jewelry cases are sure to leave you not feeling left out. Make sure you say yes when they ask if you want a “cold one”. (an ice-cream sandwich of course) You can spend hours in this store and still have more to see!

3. The Kraze Boutique 

Women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and even a candy/soda shop! When is the last time you have had…I don’t know… Dunk-A-Roos? Yep they’ve got ’em. Taffy for days? Check! Birthday cake soda…what??? No joke! This store is awesome. They even have a little home section to keep your purchase, you know… well rounded.

We are getting close to the bottom who could be our TOP TWO BEST SHOPPING in Mineral Wells? Drum roll please……..coming in at number two is a brand new store that we could not be more excited about!


2. Sensology 

Located in the newly renovated Crazy Water Hotel (now Crazy Water Plaza) This store is a gem for all your senses. Gourmet chocolates, silk pajamas, divine candles, fizzy bath bombs, and so much more. You do not want to miss the Crazy Water Plaza or Sensology. Shhh we have the inside scoop on what is coming next to the Plaza like a Brewery, a coffee shop unlike any other, and Crazy Water will be back to serve up Crazy Water from the Pavilion just like they did back in the day.

and our personal favorite shopping experience in Mineral Wells has to be…

1. The Market at 76067

Featuring over 125 artisan and local vendors, The Market has managed to create an incredible variety of products. This is not your typical shared space, they have made the space flow beautifully. One of our favorite perks is their sister store Coffee and Cocktails. You can order a coffee to enjoy while you shop. Or have the lovely Market ladies hold your treasures and take a break to enjoy lunch at Coffee and Cocktails. Food plus shopping – yes please!